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lungs locked, lips locked,

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The Dresden Dolls
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The Dresden Dolls

This is a community for fans of the Boston, Massachusetts punk cabaret duo The Dresden Dolls. Fanart, stories, questions, news on shows, & other such goodies.

Before asking a bunch of silly questions, make sure to check out the dolls forum, your answer might be there. IF YOU ARE STILL CURIOUS, check out this FAQ that will probably answer your question before we will. or looking for music? check it out: live dolls MP3s & the brigade site (& MP3s).

Community Rules:
1. Don't be an asshole.
2. All posts should be Dresden Dolls related.
3. Use a cut when posting more than one (or one very large) image.
4. Posting photos of yourself only applies when it is for meet-up purposes, and please limit post to one photo, behind a cut. A better solution would be directing folks to your own livejournal.
5. Please do not promote your own communities, or any communities that are not specifically Dresden Dolls related. THIS DOES INCLUDE RATING COMMUNITIES. The post will be deleted & you will be asked to leave.

Maintained by: billh and indecisean

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